Human Resource Services, Inc. (HRS) was created in New York City in 1969 by William K. Zinke and was a progenitor for changing the outdated terms of Employee Relations/Personnel/Industrial Relations to Human Resources, which has become the term of choice in succeeding years. HRS began with a broad consulting focus on human resources (HR) management. The HRS consulting activities have expanded to include meetings and conferences around the world, as well as organizing occasional surveys on topics of particular interest.

In September 1970, one year after its creation, HRS held a five-day event in Brussels, Belgium for HR heads and other corporate executives on the theme of”Multinational Corporations and Human Resources” that attracted more than 60 participants from both sides of the Atlantic. Over the succeeding years, the consulting activities of HRS have extended to the global level.

As the capstone of its success in developing group activities, HRS is organizing a new group called the Global Chief Executive Officers Forum (GCEOF) to consist of 40 CEOs of major multinational companies (MMCs) throughout the world for twice-yearly meetings on issues of strategic importance. Examples would be the increasing focus on and the implications of an aging workforce, and the increased focus on populism as evidenced by the recent U.S. presidential election plus several in Europe.

The business climate has become so complicated in recent years that we believe this new group can add particular value. Careful research indicates that there is no such group presently in existence.

Membership will be limited to 40 carefully-selected CEOs of MMCs headquartered throughout the world, with meetings held twice yearly for discussion and dialogue on strategic issues selected by the members. Outside speakers will be invited where they can add particular value.

Guidelines for organizing and managing the GCEOF and the differentiating factors on what sets this new group apart are available on request from people who may be qualified for membership.

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Human Resources

Bill has been a leader in the HR field since contributing to creation of the term “Human Resources” in 1968. In the past 48 years, he has contributed to the center-stage strategic role that HR plays today in major corporations in the U.S. and on the global level.


Bill has been a leader in the legal field for more than 40 years, both with large law firms and with Chief Legal Officers of major companies on the global level. He has helped to change the title from General Counsel to Chief Legal Officer and legal practice from being reactive to being proactive.