Capsule of William K. Zinke and HRS Consulting Activities

Human Resource Services, Inc. (HRS) was founded by William K. Zinke in New York City in June 1969, relocated to Denver, CO in January 1990. Our consulting activities have been concentrated on the human resources and legal fields, with a particular focus on strategic issues in such areas as: recruitment/selection systems, management training/development, performance management, team building, management succession planning, and strategic plan development/implementation.

In his various consulting activities since 1969, Bill Zinke has contributed to the popularization of the term “human resources” and to an increasing recognition of the center-stage role of human resources management. As a result of these activities, he was asked in 1980 to organize the Human Resources Roundtable Group (HRRG), which ultimately consisted only of the top HR executives in 65 major multinational corporations of North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific who met twice yearly to focus on strategic HR issues. HRS has organized international conferences on various aspects of HR management in such places as Brussels, Moscow, Beijing, and North American locations.

HRS developed a number of groups in the legal field that met twice yearly to discuss strategic issues relating to their areas of interest. The first was the Managing Partners Roundtable organized in 1987 and consisting of the Managing Partners/Chairmen of 33 leading law firms in the U.S. and other countries. Additional law firm groups included the Executive Directors Roundtable organized in 1999, the Law Firm HR Roundtable organized in 2003, and the Law Firm Talent Management Roundtable in 2009.

HRS also established separate groups for Chief Legal Officers of major multinational companies in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. HRS has organized numerous conferences and studies over the years that related both to large law firms and corporate law departments. The conferences included a series of five two-day global events on Changing Dynamics in International Legal Practice for partners of leading law firms and corporate legal officers of major multinational companies held around the world: Denver, CO–1993, Brussels–1994, Hong Kong–1995, Mexico City–1996 and Prague–1997.

All of the HR and legal activities were sold in recent years, although the name and corporate identity of HRS were retained, and the various groups continue to meet.